Important Tips & Tricks For Android App Developers

Android App development

If you are an Android app developer or if you desire to be one, you might have come across a wide range of Android Apps on the Google Play store. You will notice that some of the apps have heavy download rates and great reviews while other apps do not get a lot of attention from the users. After seeing this, the first question that strikes your mind is – What can I do to make an interesting and useful Android App?
Here are some great tips and tricks for making an Android App to get you started:

Follow The Android App Design Guidelines:

Google has created a complete set of guidelines and these guidelines should be closely followed by every Android app developer. It is a good idea to follow these guidelines because then you will end up creating an app that is intuitive and useful for the users. Also, you will be able to create an app that your users enjoy using!

Consider The User Input

One of the best things that can be done to improve the app experience is to take the user input into consideration. Users are glad when app developers take their feedback seriously and implement them in the apps. For getting the user inputs, you can either go through the reviews for apps similar to the one you are creating or you can also create a Google Plus community page for getting feedback on your app. If you have launched your app, make sure to improvise it with the feedback given by the users. As a result of this, users will continue using your app.

Get Practical Android Experience Yourself

It’s annoying to know that many Android app developers don’t really use Android devices as compared to the other normal users. If you are an Android app developer, you should make sure to use the Android app and you should also consider taking part in the Android community as much as possible. You will find many active Android communities on Google+, by being a part of these communities, you will gain a lot of knowledge and you will also be able to contribute to these communities with your knowledge. Get inspired, become an inspiration and polish your craft as an Android app developer.

Develop Android Apps For Multiple Devices

One thing that separates Android from other mobile platforms is the spectrum of choices offered with it. Android operates on a variety of devices that have different screen resolutions. As an Android app developer, it is difficult to test your app on all the Android devices currently present in the market. However, for maintaining consistency throughout the Android devices, the best thing you can do is make use of density-independent pixels in the layouts. As a result of this, Android will automatically calculate the right amount of pixels required for the user’s Android device, thereby leading to better display for all the Android device screen sizes.

Optimize Your Android Apps

Slow Android apps and apps that take up a lot of space are a turn off for the users. Along with making your Android app user-friendly, it is also important to pay attention to the speed and size of your app. You can avoid the bad user experience of your app by optimizing it. One thing that you can do to increase the speed of your app is avoid using unnecessary memory space. One common mistake made by beginner Android app developers is making use of unnecessary objects as variables. If you are allocating more objects in your app, you will end up forcing a periodic garbage collection, creating hindrances in the user experience. Visit Sandcastle Web Design & Development, as this design company has much to offer.

Android app development can be a tough task and you might come across many roadblocks while developing Android apps, but if you enjoy what you are doing and if you are passionate about it, Android app development can be a joy ride!

Hope these tips prove useful! Have fun creating your Android Apps!

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