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We love to add richness and attractive UIs to our applications and so we make use of Sencha Platform components like SENCHA EXT JS & SENCHA Touch to develop and deploy our web and mobile applications. We serve our clients with robust, native and responsive apps for distinguished mobile platforms which includes iOS, Android and Web Application development.

SENCHA EXT JS/SENCHA TOUCH can be blended with any server-side scripting languages and so we blend it with either .NET or PHP choosing the ultimate combination in accordance with the project requirements to build outstanding and flexible applications providing out-of-the-box functionalities.

To mention a bit clearly, SENCHA EXT JS is used for building complex responsive web applications whereas SENCHA Touch is mainly used for developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps making it easy to build using HTML5 and JavaScript. Experiencing greater control over the data and smoother behavior of the applications is marked by usage of the SENCHA Components.

It is best for developing data-intensive, cross-platform web apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones. The rich set of its tools and themes helps to improve the development productivity and fastens the delivery of web/mobile applications. It also helps to accelerate the web applications and mobile development with an enterprise-ready framework by using visually compelling pre-built and pre-tested components increasing your development efficiency.


PMIS team has gladly developed and released about 40+ SENCHA projects for Web, iOS, Android. We develop applications to make it worth enabling it to use on all modern browsers.

Mentioning few of our projects developed under SENCHA EXT JS AND SENCHA Touch are as follows :

PointMatrix SENCHA Developers are curious to develop Web and Mobile applications for YOU and ready to amaze you with their skills and expertise. Hire a full time SENCHA developer with us to make robust and responsive web applications

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